The Bereaved

The purpose and significance of the Brahms hearse is to give an appropriate sentiment to the last journey that someone will make.

Our vehicles are quiet, the Leaf is less ostentatious, but still highly dignified. The Leaf and the Tesla are modern in form and reflect our own times; they point to safeguarding the future on this planet for our children and grandchildren.

Finding an Electric Hearse

At Brahms we can put you in contact with any of the Funeral Directors who have purchased an electric hearse. From Yorkshire in the North via the Midlands to London and Brighton in the South. This shows the extent of Electric Hearse availability.

Please contact us and we will try to help you find a Funeral Director with an electric hearse within your area.

01536 384261

Good Funeral Awards Winners

Brahms was recently awarded the Good Funeral Awards ‘Best Green Funeral Product’ 2016.

The Bailey family and the Levertons hearse in London
The Bailey family and the Levertons hearse in London