Showing Brahms Electric Hearses in a range of colours
Brahms Electric Hearses offer a range of vehicles and colours


Brahms Electric Vehicles is dedicated to making electric vehicles affordable to both the Funeral Industry and to the bereaved.

Brahms seeks to avoid the high financial premium that hybrid or electric vehicles attract from other prominent manufacturers.

As well as initial price, total cost of ownership is an important factor in the electric vehicle equation.

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Our Vehicle Costs

The price range depends on the cost of the base vehicle and the chosen finish.
(Prices include VAT)

We encourage buyers to approach typical funeral industry hire purchase companies to assess affordability and the period chosen to spread payments.

Tesla S - Electric Hearse
Electric Hearse extended body
£130,000 - £140,000
Extended Nissan Leaf - Electric Hearse
Electric Hearse with lengthened body
£78,000 - £85,000
Nissan Leaf - Electric Hearse
The Original Electric Hearse
£35,000 - £45,000
The eNV200
Electric Hearse and removal vehicle
£35,000 - £45,000

All Vehicle Specs

How We Keep Prices Down

We know that hearses have relatively low annual mileages, which means that converting a much cheaper very low mileage vehicle will save 40-50% on the base vehicle cost and yet still give a 20 year life to the hearse. If we do not have to lengthen the vehicle then that is another big saving.

Photo of the Brahms factory at Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire
Our factory at Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire

Total Cost of Ownership

Electric vehicles score well on the fuel cost especially if recharged at base rather than at public facilities on those occasions where refuelling is essential. Nearly 100% of hearse journeys are well within the range of the vehicle and so can be cheaply charged at ‘home’.

The Nissan Leaf battery now comes with an 8 year warranty or 100,000 miles. Even at 4000 miles a year and 20 years, the 100,000 miles will not be reached. There are well documented cases of 150,000 mile of battery use too.

The batteries are reliable and in the long term can be upgraded by removing faulty cells without the need to replace the whole battery itself.

There is no annual license fee for Nissan Leafs or pre 2017 Teslas which is a further saving of £140 a year.

Our forecast for residual values is that the Air Quality debate and the city restrictions on diesels and petrol cars will mean that resale values for electric vehicles will remain high by comparison.

Maintenance costs are estimated to be lower than for petrol and diesel vehicles. Regenerative braking saves energy and reduces brake wear, there are no oil changes, cambelts and so forth. Annual maintenance is estimated at between £190 and £250.

There is no annual license fee for Nissan Leafs. Tesla Road tax Pre April 2017 is free, then £310 per annum for later models.

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