Nissan eNV200 - Electric Hearse & Removals
Nissan eNV200
Electric Hearse & Removals

Electric Hearse and Removal Ambulance

The Nissan eNV200

Brahms has created a bespoke conversion of the fully electric van to provide a combined hearse and removal vehicle or a stand alone removal vehicle. To achieve this Brahms has lengthened the vehicle body so that the vehicle can carry the longest coffins and stretchers. True to our policy of making electric vehicles affordable to the funeral industry we believe that our conversion creates a highly reliable electric vehicle at the least cost on the market.

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Vehicle Variants

We offer several vehicle options and combinations. The removal ambulance comes as fully electric. The hearse version has a coffin deck and side windows to view coffin and has room for two stretchers below the deck. Rear doors are available as side opening or clamshell top opening. The vehicles can be supplied as left or right hand drive.

Vehicle Range

Vehicle range for eNV200 claimed by Nissan at 188 miles for 40 kWh battery and 8 year battery warranty or 100,000 miles.


Prices depend on the cost of the base vehicle and the choice of Hearse option, requiring side glass and coffin deck, or pure removal vehicle with bespoke floor with fixings for 2 stretchers.

Prices typically start from £35,000

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Vehicle Specs

  • Range:
    140 miles
  • Warranty:
    8 year (battery) or 100,000 miles
  • Battery:
    40 kWh
  • Vehicle Length:
  • Vehicle Width:
  • Vehicle Height:
  • Max Coffin Size:
    213cm x 90cm (7ft x 3ft)
Electric Hearse and Removal Ambulance (The Nissan eNV200 and NV200 Van)

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