Nissan Leaf - Extended Electric Hearse
Nissan Leaf
Extended Electric Hearse

Electric Hearse with Extended Wheelbase

The New Nissan Leaf

At Brahms we are dedicated to making the choice of an Electric Hearse more widely available. To do this we are offering a 3-door hearse with a more conventional layout.

The hearse has a full sized rear deck that will carry the largest coffins and floral arrangements. It is still competitive in purchase price and has in-use savings which also add up over time. Thus caring for the planet and ensuring a clean air environment helps funeral businesses too.

This hearse is in development and we are taking bookings for trials in the second half of 2019. Please contact us to register an interest or to book a trial.

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Vehicle Variants

For European customers we will provide a partition between the front seats and the coffin deck so that the coffin is separated from the driver. We are open to your suggestions for bespoke features over and above the base design shown here. Please get in touch with your ideas.

Vehicle Range

Range is quoted from Nissan at 180 miles for the standard 40kWh battery. This has a guarantee for 8 years or 100,000 miles use.


This vehicle is currently in development.
Prices are likely to start from £78,000

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Vehicle Specs

  • Range:
    155 miles
  • Warranty:
    8 year (battery) or
    100,000 miles
  • Battery:
    40 kWh
  • Vehicle Length:
  • Vehicle Width:
  • Vehicle Height:
  • Max Coffin Size:
    213cm x 90cm (7ft x 3ft)
Electric Hearse with Extended Wheelbase (The New Nissan Leaf)

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