Ecohearse Ceremonial Mid Counties, Coop Funeralcare
Electric Hearse cortège by Mid Counties for Co-op Funeralcare

Case Studies

Brahms has sold its Nissan Leaf modern hearse to the complete spectrum of providers of funerals in the UK. From Coop Funeralcare in the Midlands to a Start-up in Yorkshire, from the largest private funeral provider, Dignity plc, to Fran and Carrie developing a unique business in Birmingham.

Nor are we forgetting that our first hearse was made for Leverton and Sons who were founded in 1789 and who have buried prominent politicians and royalty.

Any new customers for the electric hearse will be in good company.

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Electric Hearse for Levertons, North London

Levertons, North London

Black Hearse

Levertons took the bold step to be the first purchasers of the Leaf Hearse and we were able to customise to their advice on the vehicle. The hearse takes a full size coffin but is different to the traditional hearse and due to its more discreet design in comparison it is often selected for aesthetic as well as ecological reasons.

Choosing the Eco-Hearse for a funeral sends a positive environmental message to friends, family and future generations. The Eco-Hearse with it's gentle shape has a less formal and more modern appearance than a standard hearse.

Hannah Leverton, Leverton and Sons - London
Black Electric Hearse for Dignity, North London

Dignity, London

Black Hearse

The hearse is based in Dignity’s North West London hub at Kenyons in Bayswater and serves much of North and West London. The hearse forms part of Dignity’s ‘environmentally conscious services’ programme as well as helping to keep costs down on basic funerals.

We have found that the smaller electric vehicle has proved to be very well received by our bereaved families

Nick Yates, Head of Transport, Dignity PLC
Co-op Funeralcare Midlands, Silver Electric Hearse

Co-op Funeralcare, Midlands

Silver Hearse

After the success of the of this first vehicle in the Midlands, we are now providing a second hearse to expand the footprint for environmental and economical funerals in the Midcounties region.

Co-operative Funeralcare are environmentally aware and believe that the Brahms Electric Hearse provides a valid, fully eco-friendly alternative choice to traditional funeral vehicles for our clients.

Mark Adams, Chief Officer, The Midcounties Co-operative Funerals
A Natural Undertaking, White Eco Eletric Hearse

A Natural Undertaking, Birmingham

White Hearse

There is a seat in the car if anyone wishes to travel with the coffin – plenty of families choose to do this currently; and since the Leaf has near-silent cruising it allows for a calmer final journey for the bereaved.

It may seem an unlikely subject to enthuse about, but we’re really excited about our new eco hearse.

Frances Glover, A Natural Undertaking - Birmingham
Full Circle Black Electric Hearse

Full Circle Funerals, Yorkshire

Black Hearse

Full Circle chose to launch their funeral business with an Electric Hearse, which is the first in Yorkshire, to make clear that they are an innovative and progressive company - it provides a valuable USP.

The Eco-Hearse offers an aesthetically pleasing, quiet form of transport and yet fully remains recognisable as a hearse. We find that over a third of our families choose the electric hearse option here in Yorkshire.

David Billington, Director, Full Circle Funerals
Black Electric Hearse for Fields, West Sussex

C.P.J.Field, Sussex

Black Hearse

Fields are taking a strategic view of the importance of Climate Change and of Environmental Responsibility in the Funeral Industry and to the bereaved.

There is an air of excitement in the office this afternoon with everyone trying out our first electric hearse from Brahms Electric Vehicles

Charlie Field, Deputy Chairman, C.P.J.Field

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