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The Nissan Leaf electric hearse is elegant and restrained. It is a symbol of a considerate life that is not ostentatious or wasteful of nature’s resources.

The Tesla S hearse is prestigious and symbolic of the shift from fossil fuels to full electric.

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The Chargemaster charges at 3kW or 7kW

Vehicle Charging

The Leaf comes with its own charging adaptor that links the standard household 3-pin plug to the connector in the nose of the Leaf car. This simple ‘free’ solution will fully charge the car overnight.

Other equipment will charge the car more quickly e.g. the Chargemaster wall charger at 3kW or 7kW. These devices are also more robust for use in a commercial setting. They cost under £400 to buy and install.

The publically available charging sites (See ZapMap) include Rapid Chargers which take just 30 minutes to charge up to 80% full battery. Public Fast chargers will top up your battery in 3 hours but you can always just go for one hour’s worth if that is sufficient to move onward.

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