Requiem 5 Door Electric Hearse
Requiem 5 Door Electric Hearse

Requiem Premium Hearse

Brahms 5-Door Electric Hearse

This elegant conversion provides seating for 4 persons and a long rear coffin deck. Flower rails on the roof are an option if required.

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Vehicle Range

Two battery sizes are available for the Leaf, a 40kWh unit or a 62kWh unit. As a funeral director, you will know your normal daily use of a hearse and will in most instances show that the smaller battery is more than adequate. Fast charging away from base would provide a further 80% charge in 30 minutes if the burial was more than 100 miles away. Range is not normally a problem for hearses.

Vehicle Variants

We recommend purchasing either new or nearly new vehicles for conversion. There are many options available on these cars which will affect the base price either new or on the second hand market.


£135,000 to £155,000 dependent on base vehicle cost and range required.

Production Period

The Requiem and Oratorio vehicles based on new vehicles are scheduled for 2024-5 and on nearly new vehicle to 2028.

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Vehicle Specs

  • Range:
    150-220 miles
  • Warranty:
    8 year (battery) or 100,000 miles
  • Battery:
    40kWh or 62kWh
  • Vehicle Length:
  • Vehicle Width:
  • Vehicle Height:
  • Vehicle Deck Length:
Requiem Hearse Front
Requiem Hearse Rear
Requiem Hearse Side
Requiem Hearse Rear Line Drawing

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