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Brahms Electric Hearses at Exhibition Stand

About Us

Brahms was the first company in the world to make electric hearses.

We started our company in 2011 with the belief that electric power is the future of funeral vehicles here and around the world. When Nissan started making the Leaf in Sunderland in the UK we decided that this was our base vehicle for production.

Our new designs for the Requiem and the Oratorio are what Funeral Directors tell us they need now in 2023.

Since 2011 we have been exhibiting our electric hearses at the UK’s National Funeral Exhibition which takes place every two years. Our 2019 participation showed the Tesla S hearse and the removal ambulance on the stand while the Nissan Leaf hearse was on show at the entrance area.

Because we are a UK company and have been first in this field the hearse has received several awards for innovation in the funeral industry. Our first customer Leverton and Sons, who are the most prestigious of the UK’s funeral directors, has been recognised for their part as first adopter and they have received mention in a Parliamentary Review of Environmental leadership.

Good Funeral Awards Winners

Brahms was awarded the Good Funeral Awards ‘Best Green Funeral Product’ in 2016.

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Our Charity

We are supporting an environmental charity that seeks to conserve nature at burial grounds be they new or old and of all faiths and is run by the Charity ‘Caring for Gods Acre’. The year 2019 is the year of ‘The Beautiful Burial Ground’ and we will be helping where we can and also publicising events and things to do.

Not only are burial grounds an oasis of green in a sea of agriculture or a sea of urbanisation, they have been that way for in some cases many hundreds of years and represent a special reservoir of species diversity.

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