Electric Hearse at a service with casket being loaded
Funerals are changing and hearses are changing too…

Electric Hearses

Funerals are changing and so hearses are changing too. Brahms is part of this change by giving the bereaved more choice in how they celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

Brahms is also helping Funeral Directors keep their costs manageable for families yet still provide a dignified, modern electric hearse for the ceremony. By having a range of vehicles, Funeral Directors and Celebrants can meet the wide ranging needs and wishes of families.

Clean Air in our towns and cities is vital for our well-being now. Efficient energy use and climate safeguards are vital for our children's future.

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Our Vehicles

Brahms uses the world’s most successful electric vehicles – the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla S to create our funeral vehicles.

Our Nissans are built in the UK at the Sunderland factory in the North East of England.

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Cortège of Nissan Leaf Electric Hearse too 7-seat Tesla X vehicles as limousines
Cortège of Nissan Leaf Electric Hearse two 7-seat Tesla X vehicles as limousines

The Benefits

The Nissan Leaf electric hearse is elegant and restrained. It is a symbol of a considerate life that is not ostentatious or wasteful of nature’s resources.

The Tesla S hearse is prestigious and symbolic of the shift from fossil fuels to full electric.

  • Considerate
  • Intimate
  • Celebratory
  • Elegant
  • Environmental
  • Quiet
  • Contemporary
  • Low Costs
  • Climate
Flowers sitting on top of a casket

Celebrate Life in Today’s World...

Electric hearses from Brahms

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For the Bereaved

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