Requiem Leaf Hearse Tower Bridge
Introducing The Requiem Hearse at Tower Bridge…

Introducing the Requiem Hearse and the Oratorio Limousine

Brahms – the first manufacturer of electric hearses in the World - now launches a new UK first for a British Vehicle and British Conversion to create a Standard Hearse and Limousine.

The Nissan, built in England, is the familiar face of the UK's electric car. A Hearse and Limousine that are recognisably electric demonstrates clear environmental values and does so with elegance.

Electric Hearse at a service with casket being loaded
Funerals are changing and hearses are changing too…

Electric Hearses

Funerals are changing and so hearses are changing too. Brahms is part of this change by giving the bereaved more choice in how they celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

Funerals are those occasions where we take stock of our lives in the past and how we live ourselves. Climate safeguards as well as energy efficiency and clean air are vital for our future and our children’s future.

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Our Vehicles

Brahms funeral vehicles are based on the Nissan Leaf which is has had more than 500,000 vehicles produced. This provides a highly reliable vehicle model and one that is well suited to stretching due to the position of the battery and motor such that these items are left unmodified in the conversion.

Our Nissans are built in the Sunderland factory in the North East of England.

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