Tesla S - Premium Extended Electric Hearse
Tesla S
Premium Extended Electric Hearse

Premium Electric Hearse with Extended Wheelbase

Tesla S

We think of Tesla as the World’s most prestigious electric car brand. The combination of our Tesla S hearse and Tesla X saloons, which provide a modern limousine element, creates the ideal high-end electric funeral vehicle cortège.

At Brahms we are trying to keep the purchase price of a Tesla hearse highly competitive with other high-end vehicles even without taking the lower operating cost into account. We want Electric Hearses to make both commercial and environmental sense to Funeral Directors.

We are delivering our first vehicles to customers in late spring 2019 and our register of potential interest in the Teslas is open to Funeral Directors now.

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Vehicle Variants

We recommend purchasing nearly new vehicles for conversion. There are many options available on these cars which will affect the base price either new or on the second hand market. A facelift in 2016 changed the front look of the vehicle.

Vehicle Range

Teslas are long range EVs with 300 mile range or above for some variants. The Tesla S has an 8 year or unlimited miles Battery. Tesla provides a network of Supercharger charging points where 170 miles range is delivered in 30 minutes.


This vehicle is currently in development.
Prices are likely to start from £130,000

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Vehicle Specs

  • Range:
    170-200 miles
  • Warranty:
    8 year (battery) or 125,000 miles
  • Battery:
    60 kWh or 75 kWh
  • Vehicle Length:
  • Vehicle Width:
  • Vehicle Height:
  • Max Coffin Size:
    213cm x 90cm (7ft x 3ft)
Premium Electric Hearse with Extended Wheelbase (Tesla S)

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