Nissan Leaf - Original Electric Hearse
Nissan Leaf
Original Electric Hearse

Electric Hearse

The Original Leaf

This is our special two seat side-decked hearse that provides a fully electric funeral vehicle that is dignified, near silent in operation and has low environmental impact.

Again we have sought to make electric hearses really affordable which we can do by retaining the overal vehicle shape and length whilst providing full visibility of the coffin and flowers through the large side window.

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Vehicle Variants

A range of body colours and deck surfaces are available to suite individual Funeral Directors requirements. Roof rails and a system for carrying grave puts are available options. A covered stretcher is available to allow hearse to also be used as a removal vehicle. There is room for a folding bier under deck at the rear.

Vehicle Range

Range as quoted by Nissan is 120 miles for 24kWh battery (older lower cost models) and 150 miles for the newer 30kWh battery. Batteries typically exceed 100,000 miles.


Our basic package is the most popular. The final price depends on cost of base vehicle which we will source to your indication of range requirement, age and colour.

Prices typically start from £35,000

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Vehicle Specs

  • Range:
    120-150 miles
  • Warranty:
    8 year (battery) or 100,000 miles
  • Battery:
    24kWh or 30kWh
  • Vehicle Length:
  • Vehicle Width:
  • Vehicle Height:
  • Max Coffin Size:
    208cm x 63cm x 768cm (at lid)
    6ft 10" x 2ft 1" x 27" (at lid)
Electric Hearse (The Nissan Leaf)

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